The Sidewalk Slam - Volume 1, Issue 3

by :
Patrick Edwards
The Sidewalk Slam - Volume 1, Issue 3
Some of you have reached out to me on Twitter @pedwardshq and asked me if I was worried that the 'suits' would shut down my blog because of my comments last week in regards the corporate incompetence when it comes to getting the smallest of tasks completed in a timely manner. To answer that question, I offer a simple...nah, wasn't even talked to about it. I mean, add that to the fact that you are reading this one week removed sort of gives me the green light to basically say what I want, when I want. I promised you a contest launch this past Monday and a contest did just that, launched this past Monday. Dare I brand myself the #ROHRadical speaking for the ROH Hardcore fan such as yourself?
Speaking of the Summer Of Honor contest, what do you all think of it? Cool huh? Based on the response over the last few days, I'd say you think so as well. Remember, this thing runs all summer long and a winner will be announced every Friday on the ROH Facebook page. Keep sharing, liking and engaging with ROH, because you too can be a winner. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as I have more ideas and concepts to roll out in the near future to benefit you folks. Look ma, no's just that simple.
Have you all seen the newest ROH shirts that were rolled out this past Tuesday in the ROH store? I have to admit, I got a huge charge out of the new KILL STEEN KILL t-shirt and the sheer brilliance behind it. Liked it so much I'm wearing one as I type this and plan to keep it on all week until the conclusion of the 'Best In The World' iPPV this Sunday from NYC when Steen piledrives the dog shit out of Davey Richards. This shirt should smell as bad as Steen does by Sunday. Can't wait for the iPPV and I assure everyone, the bugs have been worked out and things will run smooth this time around. One thing I will give the suits around ROH is that they do care about giving people what they want and strive to deliver good wrestling for us all, the fact that they can't see the forest through the trees in other areas is another story. I challenge you to get the iPPV this Sunday, wear your dirtiest Kevin Steen or ROH shirt and tweet me @pedwardshq with a picture of you wearing that shirt,  I'll pick out  a few the coolest ones and send you something awesome.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours...
Also wanted to let you know that I will be at a select number of ROH live events this summer starting with Pittsburgh, PA on June 30th and Milwaukee, WI on July 14th. Get a good look at my ugly mug @pedwardshq prior to the show, memorize it and if you see me walking around I expect you to say hi so we can talk trash. I've been watching a lot (obsessed much?) of the Ringside Membership video on demand and I'll tell you what, I am jacked for the these live events. No better way to get excited for something than by looking back.
Tell you what, I'll even go one further...the first 5 people who approach me at either the Pittsburgh, PA show on June 30th or the Milwaukee, WI show on July 14th and mention the "Sidewalk Slam" blog, I'll pull out something cool from behind the merchandise table and hand it to you right there, that night, on the spot.
See you at the shows...
Until next time,
Your humble #ROHRadical,
Patrick Edwards