Unbreakable Focus

by :
Michael Elgin
It’s been about 3 months since I sat down and had much to type, or much to say. Since my last “blog” I have been more focused than ever, training for something that means the world to me. The Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Title. 3 months ago I told the world that they would see a new Elgin, a more determined, stronger, faster and driven Elgin.
I was a man of my words and everyone saw that, since then the messages and tweets have been coming in saying how great I was against Davey, how amazing the match was and that I should hold my head high and be proud of what I did. Well I am not proud, My head is not held high, because I failed. I failed at Becoming the ROH World Champion.
I wish I could now months after March 31st I had my rematch and stand here as the Champion, but that’s not the case. Instead in my home town I had to sit back and watch another man walk away with what I want. I could be pissed off, I could whine and gripe but he did what I couldn’t and my hats off to him. But now he is my focus, and you can’t stop the inevitable I will be ROH Champion. Until that day comes though, I am not a stupid man my mind and my body will not be fully consumed with the ROH Title because that will allow me to fall victim to any other man that comes across my path. Just because I will not allow it to consume me… Steen, Davey, Roddy or whoever is champ, it will one day be Me vs. You and I will be ready, will you be?
That aside, this Sunday I walk into New York City against a Legend of this sport Fit Finlay. I don’t think I need to tell you his attributes because we all know them. This is one of the biggest tests of my career and I don’t want any doubts, any reasons to say I didn’t earn it. Truth Martini and Roderick Stong have been by my side since I debuted in ROH November of 2010 but Sunday Fit I have told them I am doing this by myself. I am sick of the bullsh*t, sick of the “Miscues” and the arrogance. Sunday it’s the old days, the good days, the all or nothing days Fit. I won’t leave anything in that ring you are walking into a Warzone and you find out why I am Unbreakable.