Full Circle

by :
Adam Cole


Full Circle


Dreams are a really funny thing. Many times, dreams are exactly that, they're dreams. You imagine and picture them in your head, just wishing that someday they become a reality. Then once in awhile, that reality hits, and it hits hard. Your scared. Your overjoyed. Your self conscious. Your deserving. Your ready. But no matter what emotion you're feeling the strongest, that reality is there and it's coming. Everything you've dreamed of is right in front of your face. My reality check is September 20 in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia has a very special place in my heart. It really is my home away from home when it comes to wrestling. When I was 9 years old, the first wrestling event I ever went too was in Philadelphia. I remember being so nervous and anxious when I was on my way to the event, just like September 20 will be. I remember sitting in the 8th row, and being completely blown away by the athleticism and charisma these athletes had and carried. I remember deciding in my brain at that moment that I wanted to be a professional wrestler.


Fast forward about 10 years later, and I am stepping into a wrestling ring for the very first time to begin my wrestling training. I remember being so thankful and excited to step through those ropes, but also so afraid of failure. What if I'm no good? What if I don't succeed? The training was brutal, both physically and mentally, but I pushed through. I thought back to that 9 year old boy that dreamed of being a pro wrestler, and it made me realize at that very moment that I was living my dream. I was going to push as far as I could, and be the best that I could be. That was in Philadelphia. Little did I know that 5 years after that, I would have the chance to become THE best. And of course, it all goes down in Philadelphia.


The Ring of Honor World Championship is the most prestigious belt in all of pro wrestling. It exemplifies hard work, dedication, and a true love for this sport. You fight your entire career to get a chance at this title, let alone hold onto it. In Philadelphia, everything I've ever worked for all comes to a head. I get the chance of a lifetime to become the best professional wrestler on the planet, and I get that chance at home, in Philadelphia.


Life is built on moments, and what you make of those moments. If there has ever been a moment of a lifetime then September 20 in Philadelphia is that. It's no secret that the first half of 2013 wasn't my best time in ROH. The losses out ranked the win column that's for sure. This night is my chance at redemption. This night is me proving that my recent "attitude change" is nothing more than being more focused than ever on being the best. I'm not going to promise to walk out of Philadelphia as champion. What I am going to promise is that Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin/Kevin Steen are going to get the very best Adam Cole that they've ever seen. This is so much bigger than winning the ROH World Title. This is my life...going full circle.