Past, Present, and Future

by :
Adam Cole


"Past, Present, and Future"
It's a HUGE weekend for Ring of Honor this upcoming weekend. On Saturday, the best wrestling company in the world celebrates 11 Years in Chicago, and the following day we have another action packed TV Taping. There's a lot to be said about a company that has been around for 11 Years, especially one that has produced excellence like ROH has. It forces you to look at where the company has been, where the company is, and where it is going. The similarities between this very company and the three men involved in the TV Title situation this weekend are ironically similar...
On Saturday, I defend my Ring of Honor World Television Championship against a guy that could very well be the future of this company, Matt Taven. A short time ago, I was exactly where Matt Taven was in Ring of Honor. I was a fresh face trying to make a name for myself, and trying to make an impression. I did everything I could to get noticed, and through hard work and dedication, I stand before you today as TV Champion. The difference between myself and Matt Taven though, was that I was not as easily impressionable. Taven has let Truth Martini become his guiding light going into the biggest match of his wrestling career this weekend in Chicago. Will that help him or hurt him? I guess we'll all find out this Saturday on iPPV. For those that are thinking I'm overlooking Taven, this could not be any further from the truth. I know how hungry he is, and how good he is, but beating Matt Taven and going into Sunday for another TV Title defense is something I've wanted now for a long time. And it's because of one man...Matt Hardy.
This whole Matt Hardy situation really bothers me to my core, because I want to like Hardy. I really do. He was a guy that I admired and looked up to at one point in my career. Hell at one point, I would have taken it as a compliment for people to compare me to a young Matt Hardy. But now, it's nothing more than a spit in the face. Since Matt has come into Ring of Honor, he's felt a sense of entitlement that I've never seen out of anybody before. He feels that because he was a TV Star 10 years ago on Monday Night's, that he can walk into ROH and get whatever he asks for. Well Matt ask and you shall receive. Because in Chicago at the TV Tapings on Sunday, on behalf of all the fans that still love this wrestling company for what it is, I'm gonna' beat the hell out of you. I'll make you regret your decision for ever wanting to come into this company in the first place. This is my company; it's our company. And "this" Matt Hardy? Well he has no place in it. Matt Hardy says he will not die? That's fine Matt, you don't have to die. But after I beat your face in, do me and everyone else a favor. Leave. And never come back.