My Shot.....

by :
Adam Cole
Anytime an anniversary arrives at your feet, you naturally think of the past. You go back and think of all the memories that were shared, and all the memories soon to come. You can't believe how much time has passed you, and how quickly you've arrived at your destination. In my case, on March 4th in New York City, I haven't arrived at my destination. Adam Cole has arrived at his destiny.
Ring of Honor means everything to me. Everything that this company has built, everything this company stands for, is something I believe in. I wake up every day and am so proud to call myself a Ring of Honor competitor. But naturally, being a Ring of Honor wrestler means that you work harder than anyone else. You don't strive for "pretty good" or "mediocre." You strive to be the absolute best. So although I've had the privilege to be apart of this company over the past year and a half, it wasn't good enough for me. I knew that if I had the chance to show everyone in ROH what I'm truly capable of, what Adam Cole is really made of, that I wouldn't disappoint. Well after all the hard work, all the sacrifice, all the hope and prayer that I'd get my looks like March 4th is put up or shut up time.
To be in the main event of Ring of Honor's Ten Year Anniversary is something that I really can't put into words. Year after year, this company has shown time and time again exactly why we are referred to as "the best in the world." As a matter of fact, ROH's story is somewhat of an underdog story. The little "wrestling company" that could, has turned into the best wrestling company on the planet. No matter how many said it wouldn't make it, ROH pushed forward and didn't take no for an answer. It fought with everything it had, to show each and every person out there that ROH was here to stay. How poetic is it that I find myself in this company's shoes on the biggest day in this company's existence?
The issue between the ROH World Champion Davey Richards, my partner March 4th Eddie Edwards, and my former partner in Future Shock, Kyle O'Reilly, has escalated to an all-time high. The issue of loyalty, the issue of friendship and trust, has all come to a head. I on the other hand, am the dark horse in this situation. I'm the guy that everyone overlooks, I'm the one that no one believes in...I'm the underdog...
That was until Eddie Edwards came along, and stood by my side and told me, that I do have what it takes. He's allowed me to realize that I'm truly capable of great things within this company, with or without Kyle O'Reilly. I couldn't be happier knowing that I truly have someone by my side going into the biggest match of my life, and he happens to be the only triple crown winner in this company's history, Eddie Edwards.
What is March 4? What is ROH's Ten Year Anniversary? To me, it's everything. It's finally, after four years of wrestling in this industry, MY shot. It's my chance to prove to everyone that I have what it takes. It's my chance to show the world that this underdog should not be overlooked. It's my chance to move up the ladder and cement myself in the annals of Ring of Honor history. It destiny.