Because I am KEVIN STEEN....

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ROH Wrestling

I recently saw that the other 3 men left in the ROH World Title Tournament, Elgin, Cole and Ciampa, had all written cute little blogs to tell everyone how much the ROH title means to them and convince the world that they will be walking out with the championship when it all comes to an end.


Considering my past affinity for writing blogs for this very website, you would think that I have one of my own already written, ready to be put online.


Turns out I don't...




Because as much as I enjoy writing these, I only enjoy writing them when there's something to actually write about but I don't need to tell anybody how much the ROH World title means to me.


And I sure as hell don't need to convince people that I'll be the one walking out ROH World champion...




Because I'm Kevin Steen.