Blog by Cedric Alexander
November 16th in Columbus Ohio is just around the corner. On that night Caprice Coleman and myself will challenge, reDRagon for the RING OF HONOR WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP one more time. I think it's obvious to everyone how important it is that we win the Ring of Honor tag team titles, the titles that we have been chasing since we first stepped foot into this company.
When Caprice and I first got here no one thought we would go as far as we have, no one believed that we would be successful. But from day one we started to prove everyone wrong. Match after match after match we proved to the world that we were more than just an entertaining team, we proved that we we're a team that on any given night could get the job done and be the best tag team in the world. We have beaten some of the best teams in the world. Teams like The Young Bucks, The Briscoe Brothers and WGTT. Winning the Ring of Honor world tag team titles is so important to us because it proves what we have been feeling for months now, that we are the best tag team in wrestling today. 
This match holds the future of the C&C Wrestle Factory. Its now or never, do or die for us, we are putting all chips on the table. This could very well be our last shot at the tag titles and we plan to take full advantage of it. For the fans that will be in attendance expect to see different C&C, expect for us to play no games and go straight for the jugular. For all the fans who support us expect your faith in C&C to not be wasted as we will be the NEW ROH WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!
Cedric Alexander