by :
Mike Mondo
I have been hurt and away from the ring for almost 2 months now. In that time period I have already come to the conclusion on two things. 1) Lots of time think and reflect and 2) Even more time to think and reflect.

I recently received a facebook post from a friend of mine in KY. Her name is Phyllis. She mentioned how I changed her life forever in so many ways by using my motto of having a “No Fear” attitude. As we all know life has it’s way of throwing many jabs, punches or even an uppercut every now and again towards our way. She used all of it as fuel to even push through the hardest and roughest days. I sat back and thought about it for a while. When I look in the mirror I honestly don’t see anything special. I look at myself as just like the guy walking down the block. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that “Mike Mondo” with his outlook on life and his way of living would change a persons life forever for the good. Ladies and gentlemen, that feeling is something that words cannot explain. It’s simply AMAZING!

After I was done reading Phyllis’s post I sat back and reflected even further back from past text messages, tweets, FB comments and posts that I received in the past. I have heard that word “inspiration” and “thank you” said to me more times that I can count on both hands in one way or another. Still it’s overwhelming for me to think such a thing. Again I am just “Mike Mondo”. I breath the same air as everyone, have the same organs like everyone and pump the same blood as everyone. I am honored, privileged and thankful that I could have such a positive effect one way or another on my friends, family and my fans lives. Again AMAZING!

Wrestling is my life. It’s my passion and in my blood. I am 100% positive it will never leave as long as I am on this earth. I have always dreamed that one day I will check my bank account and see one million dollars staring back at me. All because I earned it in this great sport called Professional Wrestling. I hate to say “if” and “doesn’t” because I don’t want to put the negative vibes out there. But if it doesn’t ever happen. The fact that their are people in this world who look up to me and their lives have changed for the GOOD and were able to live a better/healthier life because of it, well in my opinion that is just as good and rewarding as seeing a million dollars staring back at me in my bank account.

-Mike Mondo