by :
Bob Evans


I've beaten around the bush for two weeks, and the dummies at Ring of Honor haven't gotten the hint yet. So I'll get right to the point:
I want a proving ground match with Adam Cole in Providence.
"Why the hell would they give it to Evans", you say? "The old man has hung in there pretty good since he came back to wrestle in ROH, but why does this man want a proving ground match?"
Pay attention and read!
1) First of all, I'm pissed that he pinned me on Ring of Honor TV. I thought I had him and he beat me! I don't think he can do it again!
2) Cole's the future, but is he the present? My 20+ years of experience may teach him a few hard lessons that day.
3) Providence is my backyard. It's a different world here.
4) Cole is an honorable guy they tell me. He should fight whoever's put in front of him. I have a feeling he's a little scared of ol' Bob.
5) The Prodigy & Maria Kanellis are tied up with Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Rey.
6) After a few years, I've caught the wrestling bug again. And these ROH fans LOVE ME! After seeing all those young, ugly faces on TV, they want to see a ruggedly handsome gent like myself!
7) Ring of Honor is all about giving "rookies' shots in Proving Ground matches. I've seen guys who couldn't shine my boots get opportunities that I never got (DUMMIES). And technically, I'm an ROH "rookie" again, so I want the shot!
8) I'll be ready. I'll be more ready than anyone else on the roster. I don't know Cole and I don't like him. But I have respect for his ability and ROH and will bring it on August 11.
9) If you don't give me this shot, I'll stop by the Ring of Honor offices and make your lives miserable!
The ball's in your court, ROH. Don't be afraid to give this "rookie" a shot.