I have come here to praise Jerry Lynn, not to bury him.

by :
Bob Evans
Two years ago,  The Prodigy Mike Bennett and I sat ringside at Final Battle 2010, scouting future opponents, but had not made our debut yet.  The crowd was amazing.  One year ago, we came within inches of winning the ROH TV Title in a dramatic 3-way elimination match vs. Jay Lethal & El Generico.  
This year, we have something more important to do.  We've come to praise Jerry Lynn, not bury him.  
Unfortunately, we can't.
Jerry Lynn is an inspiration to me and many others, who in our 40's have decided that our wrestling lives are not over. However, he has decided to give up after 2012 and walk away from this sport. I will never walk away from the ring and I will be breaking youngsters til the day I die. Mike Bennett is not walking away and his career is just getting started while Jerry's career is ending with what will be his final loss here in Ring of Honor.
Our goals are way too important, our livelihoods are way too vital, and after coming up short in the past few months, we NEED this win.  So we cannot help but bury Jerry Lynn and his career here in Ring of Honor.
Jerry, it's been beautiful.  It's been real.  It's been inspirational.  But money, titles, and rankings are on the line.  That's the real world ending, not the fantasy.
Then it will be over, and we'll have made an example out of you. It is DOOMSDAY for you in your final match here in Ring of Honor.
Sorry, but life (and Team Prodigy) goes on, while you won't stupid.
Brutal Bob