Nana’s World

After my bodyguard Rhino destroyed that fool Homicide at the last iPPV, I realized that a true crisis was about to be initiated by myself as a result. A crisis many of you idiots never saw coming. Bad for you, good for me kind of thing. Many of you have been mislead into believing…..believing in self, believing in the right way. If you’ve been watching wrestling you’ll notice that even a common man punk has a say, heck there’s a fake Dusty Rhodes in ROH who claims to be the new boo boo! If you ask me I would blame Oprah, Dr Phill and Tyler Perry for these characters in wrestling. I’ve watched all these “skits” in disgust and have made the decision to invest heavily in gold as a result.

You see, Prince Nana and the Embassy are on a completely different level then any other group of athletes and executives in the world. What do you know about foreign affairs ladies and gentleman? See what I mean? ……Fools!

In the next few months Prince Nana and The Embassy will implement its ideas and ideology on how the wrestling business should work moving forward. It’s an idea that has been buried in those I choose to associate with; because of the abuse of power from others we consider third party affiliates. How will we do this? For example… Currently my Princess Mia is preparing to come back to Ring of Honor in NYC on the 17th by my side after spending almost 3 months in Japan. She has wrestled some of the top women in pro wrestling today and has learned more self defense, wrestling and MMA in three months then some of these broads did in 10 years. How dare any woman in ROH step to our throne without bowing down to the true royalty of wrestling.

The Dominant Male Tommaso Ciampa? Just saying the name of this true athlete brings a tear to my eye like cutting a onion for some goat head water stew. Not only is he undefeated here in Ring Of Honor, he is the only man on the roster completely backed by a conglomerate of 100% solid gold, without having a belt here.

So this news of Homicide being released from his therapy at Belleview hospital and his thugs being after me and my institution in NYC is totally historical to me… Homicide is a BUM and I’ll treat a BUM the way a BUM wants to be treated. You want another payday Homicide? Hahaha, you want to come back for revenge on the 17th? Well since you have recruited the services of The Wicked Witch of the West Jay Lethal (have you seen his perm lately?? Out of control if you ask me) you have perfectly positioned yourself and the witch for a true defeat. The history between The Witch and “The E” go back, way back to a title that once existed in this company and that I was to single handedly unify here in ROH until this Virgil called Lethal got involved.

I pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to ensure we are safe and powerful…. And at this point in time Lethal even though your the TV champion your work means absolutely nothing to what’s going to really be going down. So on the 17th in NYC it’s going to be a pleasure seeing my chosen Bodyguard Rhino and Tommaso finally put these idiots into a wrestling grave.

As far as national television is concerned. It’s going to be a huge accomplishment. September 24th will be a day of proclamation and a huge point will be made in our industry and I’m very proud of our new presentation. In time the whole world will know about The Embassy and ROH Wrestling, and the belts will be more prestigious then any other in the industry once they are all in my possession.

This is only the beginning for “The E”

With that said I want to remind everyone to follow me on twitter @PrinceKingNana and go to the new site for all the latest on what’s really about to go down as we get closer to September 17th Live in NYC for Death Before Dishonor.

Stupid Fools.