So Sayeth the Truth

By Truth Martini

Every where I go people ask me questions, but this time I have a question for you. "Was I right or was I right"? Michael Elgin is truly Unbreakable and Roderick Strong is truly the Worlds Greatest Athlete. 14 men entered the SOTF 2011 tournament and 1 man came out the winner, that man is "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin. I predicted he would win the tournament and he did just that. SO, was I right? Of course I was right! Now he has a guaranteed  title shot at the ROH World Champion in the very near Future. In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin is the next ROH World Champion. So Sayeth the Truth.
"Final Battle 2011" is coming upon us quickly and we have not yet had any takers for the "Roderick Strong Invitational Challenge". This challenge went out to ANY wrestler on Gods green Earth and not one person has accepted?? This does not surprise me though and I will tell you why. I told each and every one of you that Roderick Strong is the "Worlds Greatest Athlete". So, was I right? Of course I was right! Who in their right mind would accept an open challenge to face the Worlds greatest Athlete? You would just end up a sure loser. In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, if some one accepts the challenge they are going to be made an example of, because in the end, the House always wins. So sayeth the Truth.
This weekend is going to be a very eye opening weekend for every one. 12-3-11 in Spartanburg, SC. we have an event called "Southern Defiance". In a proving grounds match it will be my House of Truth vs Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team. Hass and Benjamin said they are going to "burn the House down". That is impossible when you have two fire extinguishers named Strong and Elgin. When, not if, but when we win, we get an ROH Tag Team title shot in the future. we are going to show every one that WGTT is just a cute name they came up with for themselves and they are far from the greatest. In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, the HOT are the future ROH tag Team Champions and that road to Tag Team gold starts this Saturday. So sayeth the Truth.
I can't help it but to grin when I think that in the same night at "Southern Defiance" there is the "Honor Rumble". This is a 20 man over the top rope Battle Royal where the winner gets an ROH World Championship title shot. Can this be!? Well slap me in the face and call me Suzy. Guess who will be in the Honor Rumble? You guessed it! Strong and Elgin. This is like the luck of the Irish, but only I'm not Irish, so you figure it out. Yet again, the HOT will have another future ROH World Championship title shot. In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, it is INEVITABLE that the ROH World Title is coming back home to the HOT. So sayeth the Truth.
The very next day we have "Northern Aggression" in Greensboro, NC. This one should be interesting. A 2 hour time limit - 8 Man All Star Elimination Tag Team Match pitting my HOT teaming up with The Briscoe Brothers aka "Dem Boys" (I kinda like those silly bastards) vs WGTT,  "Luchadork" El Generico and "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards. I'm going to give credit where credit is due, EVERY ONE in this match has talent 2nd to none (some more than others). In my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters, this match will be epic, this match will steal the show, this match will be talked about for years and years, and this match will be won by MY team. So sayeth the Truth, So sayeth the House!
You meet THOUSANDS and they never touch you mentally or spiritually, then you meet ONE and your life is changed forever......I am the ONE.