Jay Lethal's First Post

Hello All,   I only wanted to take this time to thank the wonderful ROH fans, new and old for supporting Pro Wrestling aka Ring of Honor. For your support, I promise to give all that i have every time i step in the ring. Thank you,The Lethal Jay

Nana's World

I just wanted to quickly update my blog since this past week was so exciting for "The E" fans worldwide. Being on national TV in this sport is not an easy thing to do. Yet myself and the Embassy make it look as easy as twiddling Dixie! That's why we have proclaimed our spot on TV. Did you see The Embassy debut on national TV with the undefeated Tommaso Ciampa going up against that redbone yes-man Andy Ridge? I’m proud of Mr. Ciampa’s work ethic and only time will prove what I've known since meeting and signing this young man to his ROH Contract.

So Sayeth the Truth

The moment we've all been waiting for...ROH finally debuts on national broadcast television. This day is going to be super duper, king kong, mega mega, unbelievably sensational, much like myself. Let me throw a few names out there, "The World's Greatest Athlete" Roderick Strong, "Unbreakable" Michael Eligin, The Briscoe Brothers, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, and yours truly Truth Martini.

Nana's World

Well the time is here and now. It's been a complete pleasure being apart of ROH from the very first event! So now in September of 2011 we enter a new era and all of the fans who watch other "major" companies can now see Ring Of Honor on the same television screen!

Top 10 Tag Teams In ROH History breaks down the top teams in ROH's history!



Shane Hagadorn Reflects...

It has been almost 8 years since I first set foot inside the ROH Wrestling Academy and started this journey.  Almost 7 years since the first day I stepped inside that ring as an active competitor, and just over 3 years since I suffered a fractured shoulder that...compiled with a laundry list of other physical ailments...essentially closed a chapter on my in-ring career with Ring Of Honor, much to the delight of the supposed ROH "faithful".   Aside from laying a beating on Papa Briscoe at Final Battle 2010, I haven't seen action inside those ropes in quite some time.

So Sayeth the Truth...

This is the third installment of Pro Wrestling’s greatest column “So Sayeth the Truth” and the reason I know it’s the greatest is the simple fact that numbers do not lie. Speaking of numbers; 9/24/11. The numbers 9/24/11 will go down in history as the date Ring of Honor shook the professional wrestling world. I would like to forewarn all you mere mortals.

Nana’s World

After my bodyguard Rhino destroyed that fool Homicide at the last iPPV, I realized that a true crisis was about to be initiated by myself as a result. A crisis many of you idiots never saw coming. Bad for you, good for me kind of thing. Many of you have been mislead into believing…..believing in self, believing in the right way. If you’ve been watching wrestling you’ll notice that even a common man punk has a say, heck there’s a fake Dusty Rhodes in ROH who claims to be the new boo boo! If you ask me I would blame Oprah, Dr Phill and Tyler Perry for these characters in wrestling.