Possession Is Nine-tenths Of The Law

You hear it all the time: "Possession is nine-tenths of the law." Some have contested this age-old adage but whether it is true or not makes little difference. Any legist worth his weight in bail bonds knows the law is open for interpretation; an attorney of my caliber can make anything he wants true.


   Davey, as I sit here it’s Monday March 26th, only 6 days away from when we will stand across from each other in our warzone. Due to my nature, I have chosen to put this in a different forum then on film.



I haven't done this in a little while. And I see now that O'Reilly and Cole have decided to write down how they feel as they head into ROH's 10th anniversary the main-event.

My Shot.....

Anytime an anniversary arrives at your feet, you naturally think of the past. You go back and think of all the memories that were shared, and all the memories soon to come. You can't believe how much time has passed you, and how quickly you've arrived at your destination.


The era of Honor began when I was 15 years old. Pro-wrestling was still a distant dream waiting to be conquered. I had no idea that one cold February night something special had just been created and witnessed, inspiring a new generation of wrestlers to change the dynamics and perceptions of an industry.  It would be a couple years later when I would stumble upon a DVD that I still own to this day.


10 years. 10 long years that Ring Of Honor has survived. I have bounced in and bounced out of ROH for the last decade. Feels like yesterday I was watching one of the greatest three-way matches of all time. For nine of those years I liked to create chaos and havoc. In fact, I started a riot at the 1st Anniversary show. But for the last 14 months, I have changed. Changed for the better some will say.

Nana's World


So Sayeth the Truth

By Truth Martini

Nana's World - 11/3/11

Hello you peasants! (yes I'm a peasant hater)

This weekend is going to be really really really great my friends... Not only have I been so laid back lately  since I got a sweet tip on the Nasdaq and where MY Money is, it's also because I'm confident that at our third set of tv tapings in Louisville I will accomplish the vision I've had for The E with this edition.

The whole Embassy will be in attendance at both events and I look forward to seeing all your faces as myself The E and the Dominant Male continue our path to the ROH champions circle! Fools!